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SEO & SEM are often confused with one another or even used incorrectly when a company is explaining to the client so lets break it down for you.

SEO is the use of selective keywords, meta descriptions, header tags, social pixels (integrations), defined URLs, and a layout of your website that increases the load speed.

Basically, every component that allows a consumer to find your website easier and rank higher on website listings simply based on the back end coding and visibility of your website on other platforms. While SEM may use many of these features, understand that SEO does not delve into pay per click advertisements, social advertisements, or link building but rather builds your presence through organic search.

Meta Tags

Data Structures

Social Media Integration

Clean URLs

Tracking Tags

Optimized Page Load Speed

Page Text Optimized With Your Website Keywords

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All of our websites are designed with a standard: What does that mean? That means your website comes with meta tags, data structures, social media integration, tracking tags, optimized page load speeds and literature optimized with your website keywords. Learn about our design process and what a website with the correct SEO can bring you!

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