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Want To Work With Mayan?

Looking to work in marketing or designing? You have come to the right place! Fill out the form below and we will get in touch right away!


Student internships are now available for business majors, marketing majors, and design majors. Complete a 90 day internship here at New Jersey's First Digital Marketing Agency. Get true digital marketing knowledge and a certificate of completion.

Social Media Specialist

Do you think you have what it takes to market a business through social media? All applicants must be creative, content generators, and must know social media strategies and integrations to enhance our client's platforms.

DM Sales Agent

With the advancements in digital marketing, businesses struggle to adapt to the new marketing strategies and platforms that develop year after year. What if you could change that? By being able to analyze, strategize, and implement a digital marketing gameplan, you too could not only make the money you are pursuing but also make an impact on the business and the employees by becoming a DM Sales Agent.

Graphic Designer

You could be the world's best artist and best designer but if you don't have the digital marketing systems in place no one will ever see your art. As a graphic designer, you must create but also learn to distribute the content that makes businesses successful through the use of social media, websites, video platforms, google ads, etc.

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